For the past 32 days I have been hard at work copying the site to its new permanent address..
As I do the final checks, this old website will slowly disappear and you will be redirected to the new one.
Please feel free to click the link above to go straight to the new one now and update your bookmarks!
The new site has all the same content with a few additional extras.
Once the transfer is finished this old site will be gone and I can begin making new guides again!
This should all be done and complete by the end of October.
Happy hunting peeps!


my very most favourite event of the whole rift year has arrived!

i am updating, checking and perfecting the guide to ensure it is entirely correct and relevant for this years hunt

if you notice anything not quite right please let me know (you can reply to this blog post or find me in game)

the guide for the grim remembrance event has taken a back burner for now while i sort summerfest, i will be working on grim remembrance to get a guide up and running before the event finishes
i recommend joining the HoT discord for now if you need to ask questions about it in the meantime

happy hunting peeps!


the CONFOUNDING CONTRAPTIONS GUIDE is now completely finished!
all 110 boxes accounted for :)
it includes around 150 screenshots and 58 videos
i hope it helps you get your cheevo!

happy hunting peeps :)


there is now a full guide to all the rares in mathosia

on SUNDAY 20TH MAY i will be opening up my maze dimension to the masses!
Seshatar will be live-streaming the event, and awarding prizes (provided by trion)
you can find full details of the event here!

if you would like to join us, either to run the maze or to watch other people run it, please ensure you have a character on the gelidra shard on the LIVE shards, a level 1 character will do fine :)

the time for the event is...
Sunday, 2018-05-20 at 12:00 noon Pacific/ 19:00 UTC (EU Server Time)

i hope to see you there!


i have recently been adding to the cheevos in most of the mathosia zones. working on the rares, which is very slow going.
progress is happening tho :)




i am very much taking a break from building the website while i level my character to 50 along with thousands of other people!
come play with us!

once the initial rush has calmed and i have time again i will of course finish up the guides for as many cheevos as possible in the mathosian zones for both prime and live players to use.. i will then hopefully be able to start on the storm legion zones before that first xpac hits prime and we all start racing to the top again!

happy hunting peeps :)


sorting out all the spreadsheets, pictures, notepad files etc in various 'RIFT' folders scattered throughout the two hard-drives on my PC..
came across a few hidden gems!

this is my printout of ember isle for rare hunting! when i killed the rare i needed i would move the red square to the list on the left to tick it off!
i used to print out most of the rare hunting maps and do the same thing.. the planetouched wilds map was particularly large!
this is the only one i took a picture of tho :)
as a hint to those of you still hunting those elusive rares.. THIS HELPS!

happy hunting peeps :)


a new home for the guides :)

please update your bookmarks while i settle in and fluff the cushions!