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Quests can be picked up in Meridian, Sanctum or Tempest Bay.
The quests are the same regardless of where you pick them up.
Be aware that one of the questgivers in Sanctum (Karania) wanders around a bit!



/setwaypoint 6122 5231
/setwaypoint 7380 3078
Tempest Bay
/setwaypoint 12943 11579

there are 4 daily quests

Exploitation of Fear

Complete an expert dungeon through LFG

Press I to open up the dungeon LFG window. Queue up for a level 70 expert dungeon, either solo or in a group.
Complete the dungeon.

Rewards 5 Chaos Motes

Not in Uniform

Win a Warfront

Press K to open up the PVP window and queue up for a warfront.
Win it!

Rewards 5 Chaos Motes

Become What You Hate

Collect Mech Components x30

During the Mech Week event there will be special zone events to complete.

Closing Rifts, destroying footholds and killing invasions during this zone event will drop the Components you need to complete this quest.

Rewards 10 Chaos Motes

Attacking the Defenders

Defeat Volt-1

During the Mech Week event there will be special zone events to complete.
Volt-1 is the boss from this zone event.

Rewards 5 Chaos Motes

The zone event you need for the 2 bottom quests is called Defender of the Elements. This event occurs in Vostigar Peaks, Silverwood, Freemarch, Shimmersand, and Stillmoor.
It will show up on YARET in green text as its a special event.

Wardstones, outposts and invasions give 1 Mech Component each.
Rifts give 2 each, one at stage 3 and another at stage 5.
BE AWARE: You need to be mentored!
BE AWARE: You need to loot the Mech Components from the corpses, they DO NOT appear in your Rift loot bag.
In the store there is a NEW item that will summon the zone event! This item is a one time use zone
event summoner (unlike the Fatestones which have unlimited uses)
You can find this at the very bottom of the Call to Action event shop.

These events are full of beautiful mechs, be sure to kill them slowly so you can see them!
(and to allow other peeps to tag and loot aswell!)



You will see loads of mounts in the Rift store for credits only… You need to go to the quartermaster near the questgivers to find the mounts you can buy with event currency (chaos motes)
This mounts are bind on pickup.
You will need to buy then with the character you want them on.


Infinity Walker



Blue and Gold Empyreal Walker


Black Empyreal Walker



Golden Empyreal Walker


The pets are all bound to account, you can buy them using alts.

Hawk Vox


Legion Servitor


Bleep the Holosquirrel




Mark I


Mark II


Mark III






Pwny 2.0




The Minions from the quartermaster and the Rift store are the same.
Minion cards are region wide, so you can buy these with an alt if required.

Minion Card: MH-06


Minion Card: R23-JK


Minion Card: Mk 2 Siege Tank


Minion Card: Carpophorus


Costume unlocks are region wide so feel free to buy all these with alts!
BE AWARE: the costume unlocks are consumable, you will unlock the costume but you will not have an item to sell back like in other areas of the Rift store.. 

Temporal Banded Tablet


Temporal Banded Pulverizer


Temporal Banded Energy Shield


Temporal Energizing Blade




Temporal Agonizing Blade




Temporal Banded Energy Beacon


Temporal Agonizing Spire


Temporal Frenziedal Energy Glaive


Temporal Agonizing Scanner


Temporal Esteemed Blaster


Temporal Esteemed Grinder