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the puzzle in vostigar peaks is a series of platforms high in the sky only accessible if you have one of the special jumping mounts in game.
the puzzle is officially called 'opie's practice course' tho most peeps will call it the VP puzzle or the jumping puzzle

the reward for completing the puzzle is the shiny levitation mount!

we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to scanna@gelidra for all his help building this guide, providing maps, explanations and guidance!

the mounts required to complete the puzzle are very special mounts, when you use the mount, you gain a temporary ability bar that allows you to use special skills/abilities while mounted.


opie is a special artifact hunting mount with one jump ability.
you may already have OPIE if you pre-ordered the prophecy of ahnket expansion, if not, it is available in the rift store for affinity points, the currency earned from patron sub.

opies jump ability costs 35 planar pellets

planar pellets can be bought using lucky coins from the artifact collector vendor in tempest bay /setwaypoint 12974 11525
you earn a lucky coin each time you hand in an artifact set. so 30 artifact sets completed is 1000 planar pellets.
planar pellets are tradeable in game so you may also find them on the auction house. there is a very small chance of looting a planar pellet while foraging/mining, tho we dont recommend you try to farm them this way.

you can also buy planar pellets in toks dungeon for tok tokens.. it is 4000 tok tokens for 1000 planar pellets



the jetpack prototype is a special jumping mount that is a reward at the end of a quest chain inside vostigar peaks. you can pick up this quest chain from uttila east /setwaypoint 4004 3419 - you can find a full explanation of this quest chain here.. VP quests
the jetpack has 3 different jump abilities, we shall be using the 'jetpack jump' which jumps to a targeted location




the jetpack jump ability costs 10 source fuel

source fuel is available as loot drops from the 'most wanted' rare mobs in vostigar peaks, it can also be bought with intel from the uttila resistance quartermaster in uttila east
/setwaypoint 3964 6416




the aim of the puzzle is to use your jump abilities to navigate across the platforms and collect 4 different keys before finding the final chest and looting the mount.
the platforms can be quite far away from each other and high above or far below your current platform. this can make it quite tricky to land that 'perfect' jump, thus we HIGHLY RECOMMEND giving this puzzle a try on the PTS before you attempt it on the live shards, this is because each jump ability will cost you small amounts of the mounts currency/food/fuel, making mistakes will soon add up to a lot of wasted currency! for more information about the PTS, please see our PTS page

on 5 of the platforms are special items, 4 keys and one chest, you will need to collect all 4 keys *in the correct order* before you can open the final chest.
you will start at the beginning of the puzzle each time and take 4 separate routes to each key plus the last route to the chest. during some of these pathed routes you will jump through arcs of electricity that look like lightning bolts, jumping through all of these will grant you the cheevo 'electrifying'.

the 5 routes added together is 241 jumps
to complete the puzzle and the two achievements using just OPIE you will need 8435 pellets
to complete the puzzle and the two achievements using just the jetpack you will need 2410 source fuel
you can switch mounts during each run or between runs, you could for instance use opie for the first 2 keys then use the jetpack for the rest of the keys and the chest. if you run out of currency halfway through a track you can switch mounts (if you have both) and carry on.

both mounts jump abilities work in the same way, so use whichever one you are happy to farm currency for.
you can for instance send all your duplicate artifacts to an alt and then the complete sets with cheap artis from the auction house, buy pellets with the lucky coins and send them to your main. or spend a lot of time farming the rares in VP for loads of source fuel


SUMMONING - summoning friends to loot the final boxes for keys or for the final chest will NOT work. there are internal checkpoints along the length of each route, if you dont go over these checkpoints then you wont be able to loot the chest.
you CAN however do the puzzle with a friend and 'rescue summon' each other if one of you falls (the orange tier friend summon is great for this) however, you need to stay on the same platform at all times, meaning if one of you falls then the other player must not move platforms till after the fallen player has been summoned back up.
occasionally you may find your friend will fall through the platform when they are summoned back up, your first fix for this should be to have the person being summon lower all their graphics setting to the absolute minimum, this will help their load times and hopefully the floor will then load before their character does. if this doesnt work then you can try summoning them to different areas on the platform to try to find that 'solid base' i tend to find the very middle of the platform or at the top of the steps on the edge of the platform works best


the start of the puzzle is located above the building near the portal at the magician's tower in vostigar peaks
/setwaypoint 4020 2065
if you have a friend or guildy who has already done the jumping to the first platform then you may be able to blag a summon before you start the jumping adventure :)
if not, then here is our guide for how to get up...

you will need to use your mount jump ability to get up to the starting platform..
from /setwaypoint 3985 2073 looking up at the magician's tower..

the trick with the first jump is to aim for the wall, opie will hit the wall and then land on the platform below, for the second jump, you are aiming for the roof of the next platform, so opie will hit the roof and then fall down to the platform.

then carefully move across the platform til you are stood on the pointy outy bit :)

then you can jump using your mount ability for accuracy, or dismount and jump without mount

to land right next to the first circular platform
here is our video of the route

you will notice there is a treasure chest already to pick up!

this chest contains your very own opie whistle!

this is an item that allows you to teleport to the start position of the puzzle, it can be used once a minute.

once you are at the start position, maybe lay a guild banner or summon a few friends so they can get their own opie whistle too and save having to jump up themselves


firstly... if you have a friend or guildy willing to do the puzzle with you then do so! if you fall halfway through a route it is awesome to have someone else there to summon you back up. if you are doing the puzzle completely solo then you will have to restart the route completely when/if you fall - (see my summoning tips further up this page)

take your time! dont rush the jumps!
you can log off while on the puzzle and when you log back in you will still be there on the same platform, so dont worry if you have to afk!

dismount and reposition your character carefully before remounting for the jump. you can also walk backwards while mounted for slower movements, or press / for walking speed while mounted, but it really is best just to stay unmounted til you are ready to jump, we have fallen many times from an accidental step forward while mounted on OPIE!

THE BOUNCE - you will find that sometimes on landing your character will 'bounce' - your only option here is to watch very carefully and hit the 'back' key as soon as you see it start to bounce. -- the bouncing seems to be more prominent when there is lag, so try to reduce lag as much as you can -- also it helps to aim for the very small 'steps' at the very edge of the platform even if the platform is below you or right ahead -- the jet pack mount appears to bounce less than the opie mount -- practicing on the PTS is your best bet :)

ensure you have enough currency before you start! we have posted the currency needed in our quick guides on the top of each guide page.

we have tried to include points of reference, such as trees, mountain or buildings, in our screenshots.. if you are still not entirely sure which jump you are on, use the waypoints.
our guide includes 36 videos and 180 screenshots, we hope they help!

collect the keys in the right order! we have been told by a few peeps that you need to collect the keys in the right order, trying to do key 4 first for example will take you to an un-openable box!

you dont have to do it all in one day! you can loot key 1 and then take a break for a day or two before going back for key 2! each of the keys will sit in your bags until you have all 4 and are ready to loot the final chest. you can do the whole puzzle over a few weeks or complete the lot in one day, it is up to you!